How to Find an Activewear Manufacturer Part 2: Where to Start your search!

How to Find an Activewear Manufacturer

Where to start your search!

Welcome to the second part of our "How to Find an Activewear Manufacturer" 3-part series. As activewear manufacturers ourselves, we understand the challenges you face. In this series, we will delve deep into the challenging process of finding the best clothing manufacturers for Gym wear, Activewear, Sportswear, Athleisure, and more. 

In the previous blog, we discussed the Essential Factors To Consider Before Selecting The Ideal Manufacturer. Today, we will continue this journey by knowing where to find fitness clothing manufacturers and how to search for them. Stay tuned for the upcoming parts of this article series, where we will explore the final steps of Selecting the Best Activewear and Sportswear Manufacturer and making this important decision.


Finding the right clothing manufacturer is a crucial step in bringing your activewear brand to life. Whether you're launching a new fitness clothing line or expanding your collection, selecting the right manufacturer can significantly impact your product's cost, quality, packaging, and shipping logistics. In this article, we'll explore the essential steps you should take to find the perfect activewear manufacturer for your brand.

Local vs. International Suppliers

Before diving into the steps of finding an activewear manufacturer, it's essential to consider whether you want to work with a local or international supplier. Both options have their pros and cons, and it's wise to have a backup plan in case of any issues. Here's a brief overview of local vs. international suppliers:

Local Suppliers:

  • Generally more expensive.

  • Provides a quicker turnaround time for orders.

  • Allows for better quality control due to proximity.

  • Can serve as a reliable backup in case of international order delays or issues.

These manufacturers are in close proximity to your location. They offer the advantages of easier communication, quicker shipping times, and the ability to visit their facilities if necessary. Having a local manufacturer can be your ace in the hole.

International Suppliers:

  • Often more cost-effective, especially in countries like India, China, and Vietnam.

  • May have lower manufacturing costs.

  • Suitable for large-scale production.

  • Requires thorough communication and logistics management.

These manufacturers can serve as valuable backups or primary production partners. They often offer competitive pricing and the expertise to handle various production volumes.

Now that we've discussed the pros and cons of local and international suppliers, let's dive into the steps for finding the perfect activewear manufacturer.

Step 1: Begin with a Comprehensive Online Search

Your search for the perfect activewear manufacturer starts with a comprehensive online search. Search engines like Google are your best friends in this endeavor. Start by searching for companies that offer a full range of services, from product design and logo design to digital file creation and production. Companies like FittDesign provide end-to-end support for your fashion brand's needs.

If you already have your designs ready, you can focus on searching for activewear manufacturers using specific keywords. To find local manufacturer options, start by searching for keywords like "manufacturers near me," or "activewear manufacturers nearby", If you want a manufacturer in a specific place, you can be specific in your search terms, like" activewear manufacturers in USA" or for a specific product" Manufacturers for sports bra", Moreover, if you're seeking a broader result, you can search for "fitness clothing manufacturing" or "custom activewear suppliers." Explore their websites, check customer reviews, and identify their product specialties.

Keep in mind that many supplier websites may lack up-to-date information or effective search engine optimization. You may need to experiment with different search terms such as "wholesale," "supplier," and "distributor" to discover hidden gems. Familiarize yourself with Google's search shortcuts and advanced search techniques to refine your results further.


Step 2: Leverage Referrals  

Referrals and professional networks can play a significant role in finding the perfect activewear manufacturer. Reach out to your contacts and ask for supplier recommendations or inquire if they know someone in the industry who can assist you. Seek out individuals who have achieved success in areas you want to enter and see if they're willing to share their contacts.

Step 3: Networking

Participate in online e-commerce communities, Facebook groups, and forums to gather insights and read reviews from peers. Even if a supplier isn't the right fit for your brand, they may be able to guide you toward more suitable contacts. 

Facebook groups and pages for clothing entrepreneurs are great places to find manufacturers. You’re able to ask what manufacturers other people recommend and what ones you might want to avoid. For example, forums like Reddit are great websites to use and ask for manufacturer advice you can join groups like r/ClothingStartups, and r/Entrepreneur which are great forums to search and ask questions

Step 4: Utilize Directories

Online supplier directories act as extensive catalogs of manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers. They provide profiles and contact information for thousands of potential partners. Some popular options include:

By using these directories, you can access a wide array of options and compare their offerings.

Step 5: Explore Alibaba

Alibaba is a global e-commerce platform that connects businesses with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. It's a vast resource for discovering potential clothing manufacturers, especially if you're considering international options.

When researching manufacturers on Alibaba, make sure they have the following qualifications: 

Gold Supplier: Find suppliers who have a "Gold Supplier" label. This means they've paid to be part of Alibaba, showing they're serious about their business.

Verified: Look for suppliers with a "Verified" badge. It means either a trusted company or Alibaba itself has visited their factory to check it out. This helps confirm they're a real and reliable manufacturer.

Trade Assurance: Consider suppliers who offer "Trade Assurance." It's a free service that protects your orders. So, from the moment you pay to when you get your goods, your purchase is safer.


Step 6: Attend Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows and industry events are excellent opportunities to connect with activewear manufacturers. These events bring together suppliers and brands, allowing you to network, explore product samples, and discuss your manufacturing needs face-to-face. It’s also a great place for you to network and market your business. Research upcoming trade shows and events in your industry and make plans to attend.

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In Conclusion

Finding the perfect activewear manufacturer for your brand is a critical step in realizing your vision. By following these steps and utilizing online resources, networking, and attending trade shows, you can connect with manufacturers who can bring your activewear brand to life. Remember to evaluate their quality, communication, and support to ensure a successful partnership. Good luck in your search for the ideal activewear manufacturer!

Stay tuned for the last part of our series, where we'll guide you on The Final Step of Selecting the Best Activewear and Sportswear Manufacturer that will bring your vision to life. With these insights, you're well-equipped to make informed decisions in your quest for the best activewear clothing manufacturer.

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